The Walk Serbia Novel

The goal of the paperback is simple: to give the reader a better, more truthful insight into Serbia, to tell a good old-fashioned adventure story and perhaps even inspire you to visit Serbia or go on an adventure yourself.

The book isn’t a guide to walking across a country nor is it a travel guide to a country. The book is an account of a journey on foot through a somewhat misunderstood country that is still reeling from the effects of war. It’s a book about the struggles, both mentally and physically, of traveling across a country on foot, and it’s also a book about the people I met along the way and how, even through adversity, their generosity and kindness is overwhelming.

The book itself, of course, tells the story of the walk but it’s also interspersed with short factual chapters that help to paint a picture of Serbia’s history, religion, cuisine etc. The book will not only be published in English but will also be published in Serbian so that supporters from Serbia can also enjoy my story.

Click here to read a raw unedited sample excerpt The Kindness of Strangers


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